SVANES is one of the artists on the exhibition  “The Work of space and Time: a rythmic collaboration” curated by Blank Space. The exhibition takes place from 6.oct-23.nov at Blank Space Gallery. Read more here

SVANES has been a part of two projects with music in refugee-camps the last year. Read about the project here 

SVANES has made music for the poem “Dreamlike figures” by Thomas Schafferer, from his newly released book 25 poems, listen








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SVANES (Ida Svanes) er en norsk låtskriver og artist med bakgrunn som klassisk gitarist. Hun har spilt en rekke konserter både i Norge og Norden, både som soloartist og med band.

SVANES is a musician and songwriter with background as a classical guitarist. She has given several concerts in Norway as well as the Nordic countries, both as a soloartist and with band.

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